Emily Holloway

Emily Holloway

Please give a brief, lay-audience accessible description of your research.

I am broadly interested in understanding how complex tissues develop with a focus on the interactions between the vascular system and surrounding tissues. Blood vessels are adaptable and display unique organ-specific properties. For example, blood vessels in the liver are different than the blood vessels in our lung because these organs require unique support from the vasculature to carry out their functions. I am interested in understanding how blood vessels become specialized to support all of the diverse organs in our body. In addition, I am also interested in investigating how vasculature helps an organ mature during development.

What aspect of your research is most interesting to you? Think big picture.

In particular, I am most interested by how a single cell population, in this case the cells that line our blood vessels, can be programmed to support different organs in our body. Additionally, taking it a step further to understand how the specialization of these particular cells helps organs develop and function properly.

What about your career path is most exciting to you and why? (Teaching,mentoring, research, writing grants etc)

I have always enjoyed being a student, and I believe engaging in research provides me the opportunity to broaden my role in the academic community. As a graduate researcher, I enjoy tackling challenging questions knowing the answers are probably going to surprise me. With that being said, teaching is an equally enjoyable interest, as engaging with inquisitive and enthusiastic students remind me why scientific research is so fun!

What makes UM the best place for you to carry out your career goals?

From the moment I interviewed at UM, I felt welcomed and comfortable. The inclusive community is strongly complimented by cutting-edge research. I am surrounded by motivated, excited, and supportive peers and faculty that celebrate successes but also help get through the more challenging aspects of research. As a result, I know I am receiving the best training and am motivated to do my best work.